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Member Organizations

The Collaborative’s 50+ member organizations collectively serve over 65,000 youth in Philadelphia, using sports as a hook to engage young people in an array of enrichment services focused on developing the child first, the athlete second. The Collaborative’s role is to convene these providers around shared learning and support their work with resources, opportunities for growth, and advocacy.

A Common Agenda

Together with our members, the Collaborative developed a common agenda around our Beliefs and Practice Standards, which sets the course for our comprehensive capacity building program that serves the coaches, leadership and staff, and boards of SBYD nonprofit organizations. These programs provide opportunities for our sector to share ideas, explore challenges, and seek collective solutions.


Technical trainings: CPR, first aid, mandated reporting

Comprehensive Coach Education: Trauma-informed methods, social-emotional outcomes through sport, mentoring and building the coach-child relationship, coaching philosophy, inclusivity and cultural awareness

Leadership & Staff

Nonprofit management: financial best practices, strategic planning, communication, risk management, HR and staff leadership

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: creating an diverse/equitable/inclusive working environment, implementing DEI practices throughout the organization, from youth facing programs up to the board


Fiduciary duties and responsibilities: what are your obligations as a board member

Board empowerment: how can you be the most effective steward of your organization