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Driving Equitable Access

Getting Girls in the Game


In addition to a lack of programs designed specifically for girls, we also know that those who do participate in sports are twice as likely to drop out as boys by the age of 14.

The Collaborative aims to address the critical gap in opportunities afforded to girls and young women in Philadelphia to get involved and benefit from the positive social, health, and wellness opportunities that sports bring to young people.


  • Collaborative Member Organizations
  • School District of Philadelphia
  • Office of Children and Families
  • Philadelphia Parks & Recreation


Dramatically increase access and participation for girls in sports and physical activity by developing girl-centric partnerships, awareness and programming, as well as create a pathway for girls that bridges sports programming with ongoing opportunities to learn about the myriad of careers in sports & physical activity.

This initiative also includes developing a networking arm for young and professional women in Philadelphia centered around the love of sport.


Efforts were launched in early 2021 with robust virtual networking sessions for nearly 100 women in sport, as well as strategic programmatic planning sessions to ensure programs will be in place when in-person activity resumes. By building an ecosystem of programming for girls and supportive networks, the Collaborative is directing a movement surrounding girls sports in Philadelphia.