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Beliefs and Practice Standards

Our Beliefs

WE BELIEVE that all children, no matter their neighborhood, school, or income level, should have access to high-quality sports-based youth development programs.

WE BELIEVE that the intentional practice of sports-based youth development positively impacts the social and emotional learning capacities of our youth, particularly those who have been impacted by trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

WE BELIEVE that traditional youth sports programs are valuable, but we know that HIGH-QUALITY sports-based youth development programs have even greater long-term outcomes on the physical and mental health of the children we serve.

WE BELIEVE that high-quality means programs that are delivered in an intentional manner with defined curriculum by comprehensively trained coach/mentors.

WE BELIEVE that high-quality means an organizational commitment to informed data collection and specific outcome measurement practices.

WE BELIEVE that partnerships and collaborations are crucial to the success of creating a citywide system by which all youth have access to high-quality sports-based youth development programs.

Practice Standards

The Collaborative believes that member organizations and other practitioners, in order to provide high-quality, accessible programs to all youth, will lead in the following ways:

WE WILL deliver high-quality, intentional sports-based youth development programs, intentionally using sports to engage youth in positive relationships with trained coaches, staff, and mentors as well as other programmatic supports.

WE WILL provide accessible and affordable programs delivered in safe spaces.

WE WILL adopt a comprehensive Child Protection Policy to ensure the safety and well-being of all children we serve.

WE WILL adopt a statement in support of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our practice and throughout our organizational structure (board, leadership, program, coach, participants).

WE WILL provide our coaches with comprehensive coach education in best practices of sports-based youth development and trauma-sensitive coaching methods; We will only deliver programs led by trained coach/mentors who have completed the appropriate clearances.

WE WILL gain knowledge in and conduct outcome measurement around the social and emotional learning capacities in participants in sports-based youth development.

WE WILL collect the recommended demographic and participation data that will help our community understand our reach and tell a collective story.

WE WILL collaborate, share opportunities, and participate in advocacy that will positively benefit the whole sector, and in turn, more children.

Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative Child Protection Policy