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May 25, 2022

Celebrating 50 Years of Title IX: Ameena Soliman

To celebrate this historic anniversary, the Collaborative will continue to highlight the significant contributions of Philadelphia women who have left their mark on the sports world and in the lives of many. This month’s feature is Ameena Soliman, Philadelphia Eagles Pro Scout.

Ameena Soliman’s relationship with sport developed while watching football with family and friends growing up. Soliman’s father also worked for Temple University Hospital, where a number of his clinical colleagues worked as medical staff for the Temple Owls football team, leading to her Owls’ game as a fan in 2009. It was then that Soliman began her journey as an owl.

When Soliman arrived at Temple in 2014 for her undergraduate degree, she knew she wanted to work with the football team but didn’t know in what capacity. She soon became a tutor for student-athletes in the Resnick Academic Support Center. The interpersonal skills gained and the relationships Soliman cultivated offered her the opportunity to become a recruiting intern for the Owls football team. She continued to hold this position for three of the most successful years in Temple football history.

After graduation, she continued her studies at Temple University, studying sports business. Following her passion for football, Soliman spent months as a football operations and recruiting graduate assistant for the Temple Owls. After the departure of Coach Matt Rhule in 2016, Soliman maintained the program and recruiting pipeline. “It was a well-run program. There are still people I keep in touch with to this day,” Soliman said.

After receiving her Masters in Sports Business at Temple, Soliman moved on to working for the NFL as a player personnel assistant. After a year at the league’s headquarters, Soliman realized she missed the closeness of working for a team. When the opportunity for a training camp intern for the Philadelphia Eagles was presented to Soliman, she jumped at the chance. Soliman’s experience in the league quickly advanced her from intern to scouting assistant, and now to professional scout.

When asked what qualities helped her reach her current success, Soliman shared, “It’s really about being a good person. Making sure you maintain relationships with people in your career is key. You can teach someone how to sit down and watch a receiver on film but you can’t teach them how to be a good person.”

Although she is one of the only women working in her department, Soliman says that her team is very supportive. “I’m thankful for a team that doesn’t make me feel any different.” Soliman states, “Of course, there are fans on social media who have opinions about me but the only opinions and actions that matter to me are the people I work with and support me.”

Ameena Soliman’s success has been recognized by Temple University as their 2022 ‘30 under 30’ award recipient and the Women in Sport foundation Scott Pioli & Family Fund grant recipient.