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December 2, 2021

November Coaches Corner: Christina Ferrara

Christina Ferrara has been coaching lacrosse for over 8 years now and currently coaches at Olney Elementary for Harlem Lacrosse Philadelphia. Christina shares that she became a coach because she wanted to share her journey and passion for lacrosse and create the same opportunities she gained while playing lacrosse for her players. She explains that “there is a gap between our students and the typical lacrosse player. Being in this role has only motivated me to close that gap and allow EVERYONE the same opportunities.”

Coach Christina understands the difficulties this past year has presented to her students and explores different ways to make her players feel safe and included. She says, ‘“Allowing players to be heard and seen is huge. It gives them a safe space to be who they are, learn, and grow.” She encourages her players to get to know each other and support each other while ensuring that every player is receiving positive feedback. Overall, Christina understands that taking care of herself also plays an important role in being her best self for her students during this time. “Making sure that I am taken care of, like practicing self-care, is big for me,” Christina shares, “knowing that I am fully recharged and energized allows me to be successful when I am with my players”.

Her willingness to make sure everyone has equal understanding while having fun has made the most impact on her students. “My coaching style is skill-focused but fun”, Ferrera says, “ if it’s not fun, players will not want to come back, but you can’t get better without learning and perfecting the basics.” Christina shares that working for Harlem Lacrosse has completely changed her outlook on her coaching style and encouraged her to continue to share her love for lacrosse with the upcoming generation.

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