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November 3, 2021

October Coaches Corner: Jaryn Garner

For this month’s Coaches Corner, we’re featuring Coach Jaryn Garner or “Coach Jay”. Jaryn Garner is a coach-mentor at Philadelphia Youth Basketball. The St. Joseph’s graduate She coaches for PYB’s Hoophers Middle School Partnership Program.

Jaryn Garner is a coach-mentor at Philadelphia Youth Basketball. She attended undergrad at Saint Joseph’s University and played basketball for the university. During her time at Saint Joseph’s and after graduating, she spent time volunteering as an AAU coach, Special Olympics coach, and camp counselor. Jaryn has been coaching for about 4 years now and tries to be as upbeat and energetic as possible with her students especially now.


In the past year, Coach Jaryn has made it a point to check up on her students by asking them how they are and including them as much as possible at practices.

“I want to let them know that Covid has been tough and I feel for them,” she says, “not just ignoring it and saying basketball, basketball, basketball. I remember they are kids and people before they are players and athletes.”

Jaryn says that she didn’t always have the most ideal coaches growing up but tries to change that in her coaching style by being passionate yet loving to her students.

“I try to let everyone feel important, and remind them what they bring to the team,” Garner explains, “I show attention to everyone by treating them as if they were my family and staying in contact with them to talk about life, not just basketball.”

For Coach Jaryn Garner, basketball has presented more than just coaching, but also teammates, family, and identity. Click Here to watch her recent Voice Article from Philadelphia Youth Basketball titled “The Ball”!