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July 8, 2021

Hello Insight: Sports, Check-In Tool Capturing Outcomes is Critical for Sustainable Success.

Collaborative member organizations continue to play a critical role in the lives of the youth they serve and it is vital to the continued success of a program to exhibit the positive outcomes of the work. By capturing both the number of youth served, as well as measuring SEL outcomes, member organizations can clearly and accurately demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of intentional SBYD programs. This will position an organization for future funding, partnerships, and programmatic opportunities. Outcome measurements are also crucial for the Collaborative to demonstrate the effectiveness of the SBYD ecosystem as a whole, and thereby advocate for favorable public policy and secure resources for the sector.

Knowing that member organizations are facing a number of new programming challenges, the Collaborative highly recommends the use of a new Hello Insight Check-In Tool, a quick and easy option that allows flexibility in surveying participants. The Check-In tool is a single point survey, (typically taking 5-8 minutes to complete) which allows organizations to administer the survey at a time that works best for their programs while gathering powerful outcome measurements such as SEL capacity growth and feedback from young people regarding the quality of their program experience.

We encourage you to review these links to learn more:
Tool Debrief, Check-In vs Pre/Post
Sample Hello Insight Report

The Collaborative will cover all costs associated with Hello Insight for members who use the Check-In tool for summer programs. Participating member organizations will also be eligible to join the Collaborative’s Hello Insight Cohort, with access to Pre/Post surveying tools, the Staff/Coach survey tool, as well as a specialized training series specifically tailored to the data captured by Collaborative member organizations.

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